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Use these fitness tools and calculators to find your BMI, target heart rate, bodyfat, calories burned and more.
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Pushup Fitness Test
Pushup Fitness Test

Am I Overweight?
Am I Overweight? Find out the tools, measurements and calculations you can use to determine if you're overweight?

Before You Buy a Heart Rate Monitor
If you're trying to lose weight, a heart rate monitor is a great way to stay within your target heart rate zone, ensuring that you're burning the maximum number of calories. Here's what you need to know before you buy a heart rate monitor.

BMR Calculator
Use this calculator to determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Body Fat Calculator
This body fat calculator offers an estimate of your body fat based on your height and the measurements of your neck, waist and hips.

Body Mass Index Calculator
Determine your BMI with this body mass index calculator.

Calorie Calculator
Want to know how many calories you're burning with your current exercise? This calculator can tell you using activity, weight and age.

FitWatch Fitness Tracker
FitWatch is a great way to keep track of your exercise program to make sure you're reaching your goals. Get the skinny on what you can do with this free online fitness tracker.

Perceived Exertion Scale
Use this Perceived Exertion Scale to monitor your exercise intensity.

Sportline Biotrainer Activity Monitor
Sportline Biotrainer Activity Monitor

Talk Test
Learn the definition and details of the Talk Test and how it can help you monitor your exercise intensity.

Target Heart Rate Calculator
Determine your target heart rate zone and find out if you're working too hard or not hard enough.

The Fat Tracker
If you want to lowe weight, use this 90-day diet and exercise journal to track calories, workouts and more.

What's Your Body Fat?
It's time to throw out the scale and track your fat loss the right way. Learn different methods for testing your body fat.

Best Exercise Tools, Websites and Gear
Do you look forward to your workouts? For a lot of people, the answer is a shouted, "No!" followed by nervous laughter at the very idea of such a thing. They don't call it 'working out' for nothing, but there are ways to make your workouts more effective and, yes, even more fun. The right tools can give you guidance, help you set goals,...

Get the details about DailyBurn Diet and Fitness Tracking Website in this detailed review.

Favorite Fitness Tracking Website
What is your favorite fitness tracking website? Post your review of your favorite fitness tracking website and why you love it.See submissions

My Fitness Pal
My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter, Diet and Exercise Journal Review

Classification of Overweight and Obesity by BMI and Waist Circumference
The chart, by the NHLBI shows the classifiation of overweight and obesity by using BMI, waist circumference and associated disease risks.

How to Take Body Measurements
Trying to lose weight? Taking your body measurements is one of the best ways to track your progress and make sure you're losing inches. Find out the proper way to take your body measurements at the waist, hips, thighs, arms, chest, abdomen and calves.

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