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Exercise on a Budget


Updated August 20, 2012

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Buy Multi-Use Equipment
Saving money is always a priority when financial times get tough. You may think getting a good workout requires shelling out money for gym memberships or tons of equipment, but there are alternatives.

One option is to buy fitness equipment that has multiple uses. Some of the popular infomercial gadgets, like ab machines or bun and thigh gadgets, only work one part of the body and can be expensive. You can try plenty of other alternatives to do a variety of activities that will save both money and time:

  • An exercise ball: Use it to work the abs, to support the body during weight training activities and for cardio exercise. Most cost $20 to $50 and you can even use them to sit on while watching TV or working on the computer.
  • Multi-station home gyms: These can get expensive (from $500 and up), but they also allow you to work your entire body with a variety of exercises. A home gym may save you the money you’d spend on a monthly gym membership.
  • A Step: A step can be used as a weight bench or for cardio exercise and, at around $99, costs less than buying a weight bench and a cardio machine.
  • Cardio Machines: It may seem like a luxury to buy a home treadmill or elliptical trainer. But, again, having something you can use at home can save gym membership fees while letting you exercise any time you like. If the whole family uses it, you’ll get even more for your money.

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