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Holiday Weight Management Survival Guide


Updated November 23, 2009

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Quick Cardio Exercise
The average person gains about a pound or two over the holidays, a phenomenon that many of us are familiar with. While that doesn't sound like much, what we gain over the holidays tends to stick around long into the new year. Managing your weight can be tough unless you plan ahead and keep up with your workouts.

Don't Skip Your Cardio

Cardio is your first line of defense against extra pounds. If you're short on time, you can still burn calories by keeping your Rate of Perceived Exertion between 6-10. Try to find 10 minutes once a day (more if you can) and keep it simple--walk the stairs, racewalk around the office or turn on the radio and start moving. Need ideas? Here's a short, high intensity workout:

0-1 min: Warm up, brisk walk - RPE 5
1-2 min: Speedwalk - RPE 6-7
2-3 min: Run - RPE 8
3-4 min: Jumping Jacks - RPE 8
4-5 min: Speedwalk - RPE 8
5-6 min: Run - RPE 9
6-7 min: Jumping Jacks - RPE 9
7-8 min: Run - RPE 9
8-9 min: Jumping Jacks - RPE 9
9-10 min: Walk, cool down - RPE 3-5

Substitute any moves you like to fit your fitness level.

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Make it easier by scheduling workouts and enlisting a workout buddy. You can also plan activities for the holidays - football in the backyard, a walk after supper...make every task as active as possible.

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