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Exercise can be an important tool for managing everything from stress and depression to healing injuries and preventing disease. Learn more about how to handle a variety of conditions, injuries and illnesses with these resources from our About Health & Fitness Guides and other great websites.
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10 Signs You Might be an Annoying Fitness Freak
If you're into health and fitness, you probably want everyone in your life to be into it to. That's an honorable goal but, going about it the wrong way may do more harm than good. Learn about the 10 signs that you might be an annoying fitness freak.

Alcohol and Weight Gain
If alcohol is a regular part of your diet and you're trying to lose weight, being more aware of what and how much you're drinking can make a big difference.

Exercise for a Strong, Healthy Heart
Being sedentary is a major risk for heart disease, but you don't need much exercise to make your heart stronger. Learn what exercise can do to make your heart strong and healthy.

Finding Helpful Fitness and Health Information on the Internet
Get some tips for finding reputable health and fitness websites as well as a comprehensive list of great sites to visit.

How Do You Give Exercise Advice? Share How to Encourage Other People …
How do you give exercise advice and encourage other people to exercise? Share your tips and tricks for how to give exercise advice to friends and family.

How I Got My Spouse or Loved One to Exercise
If you've managed to nudge your spouse or loved one in a healthier direction, share your story and tell us how you got your spouse or loved one to exercise. See submissions

Fitness Trends for 2010
Last year's fitness trends saw us focusing more on variety and less on traditional exercise. In 2010 the watchword of the year? Budget - as in, we want to stay within one. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) announced the top fitness tre

Top 10 Health and Fitness Trends of the Decade
Every decade has it's share of health and fitness trends and the last 10 years brought some doozies. We renewed our relationship with carbs, invented a whole new way of exercise using our Wiis, rediscovered our abs and gave them a new name (the core) and created tons of great technology that makes it easier than ever to exercise. Check out this decade's top health and fitness trends - the good…

How Long Can I Take a Break From Exercise Without Losing Fitness?
Taking a break from exercise can help your body rest, recovery and rebuild. It can also give your mind a break from the usual routine. Learn about taking a break from exercise and how to avoid losing muscle and endurance.

Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle is what we're supposed to do, but what does it really mean? It means feeling good every single day and I've got some simple ways to help you do that.

Is caffeine good for my workouts?
Caffeine is a stimulant and studies have shown it may help boost your workouts. Is that true and is it safe to take? Learn about how caffeine affects exercise and workouts.

Should I exercise with a hangover?
Drink too much last night? You may think you can sweat it out with exercise, but that may not be the best idea. Find out if you should exercise with a hangover.

Stay Fit After Graduation - Ways to Stay in Shape after Colle…
Learn how to stay fit after graduating and starting life after college.

Staying Fit and Exercising at Work
How do you stay fit and exercise when you're at work? Leave a comment to tell us how to stay active at work.

Taking a Break From Exercise - How Often Do You Take Breaks F…
How often do you take breaks from exercise? Taking a break can leave you feeling refreshed, energized and rejuvenated. Do you take regular breaks from exercise?

Top Health Benefits of Exercise
Learn how exercise can help you protect and improve your health in these top health benefits of exercise.

Improve Your Sex Life with Exercise
Exercise isn't just for health and weight loss, it can actually improve your sex life. Find out what workouts help you improve your sex life.

Should I exercise when I'm sore?
Some soreness is normal if you're starting exercise or increasing the intensity of your workouts. But, should you workout if you're sore? Find out the details of what to do when you're sore after exercise.

Are You Exercising Too Much? The Facts About Overtraining
Are you doing too much exercise? Learn the signs of overtraining and what you can do about it.

What Not to Say to a Loved One Who Just Won't Exercise
If you're an exerciser and your loved one isn't, you may resort to some not-so-helpful tactics to get them to workout. Find out what not to say to the loved one in your life who won't exercise

Best and Worst Exercise Blog Comments of 2010

I love my job here as Exercise Guide at About.com, and my favorite part is reading through the comments posted in response to my blog posts.  Over the past year, you have inspired me, made me laugh, pointed out my mistakes, given me ideas for articles, topics and workouts and, in general, made my job worthwhile.  It was hard to pick just ten for my best and worst list, but I did my best to highlight the best and worst reader comments of 2010.

How to Make Winter Exercise Easier
Working out in the winter can be tough with cold weather, lack of motivation and the strong desire to stay in your bed and sleep until spring. Learn some simple tricks for making winter exercise easier and more comfortable.

Get Your Body Ready for Spring
Before you jump back into a killer workout routine that your body may not be ready for, take some time to get organized and set up a plan that allows you to ease back into a program while getting you ready for the springtime fun to come.

Fitness Trends for 2011 - Exercise and Fitness Trends for 2010
This year was a tough one for us in many ways, but we saw some great fitness trends emerge. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) announced the top fitness trends for 2011 and it looks like we'll spend more time focusing on health, stress-reduction and finding support for our health and weight loss goals.

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