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Get Your Body Ready for Spring


Updated March 14, 2014

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Set Up Your Cardio Workouts
Running on treadmill
Paige Waehner
Cardio is essential for losing body fat and getting your heart and lungs ready for springtime activities. If it's been awhile since you've done any cardio, be sure to:
  • Ease back into your workouts. Start with just a few days a week and keep the intensity/time at a level you can handle.
  • Gradually build onto your workouts. It's best to slowly add time to your workouts each week to give your body time to adjust to exercise.  Start with 15 or 20 minutes, or whatever you can do, and add a few minutes for each workout.
  • Focus on time rather than intensity. When you're getting back to workouts, focus more on accumulating time. Once you can work continuously for 30 or more minutes, then play around with your speed, resistance and/or incline to add intensity.
  • Choose what you like. Pick an activity you can see yourself doing without a lot of muss and fuss.  Walking is always a great way to start.


If you're new to cardio exercise or it's been a long time, these resources will help you get started:

For the record, how often you do cardio depends on your fitness level, goals and schedule. To lose weight, the more cardio the better and getting something in everyday is a good idea. Doing a variety of workouts with different activities, levels of intensity and duration will help you avoid plateaus.

Something a Little Different

If you've been doing some cardio, it may be time to shake things up and try something different:

Get Motivated

The key to great cardio workouts is motivation. All of us have to find what motivates us each day (and that changes all the time), but here some tools I use to stay interested:

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