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The Kettlebell Boomer Workout Video

The Bottom Line

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Updated March 24, 2011

The Kettlebell Boomer Workout Video
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If you thought kettlebell training was only for athletes, powerlifters or hardcore exercisers, think again. In The Kettlebell Boomer, Andrea Du Cane proves anyone can benefit from kettlebell training, especially seniors. This thoughtful, thorough video offers everything you need to know to get started with kettlebell training, complete with instructions for each exercise, modifications for every fitness level and workouts targeting cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. Andrea makes kettlebells accessible to the one population who may benefit the most, offering workouts that are both challenging and fun.

The Breakdown

Kettlebell training may look like something only experienced athletes should try, but, if you're skeptical, Andrea Du Cane will convince you otherwise in The Kettlebell Boomer. You start with the 'Before You Begin' chapter, where you get a thorough breakdown of what kettlebell training is, its benefits, how to assess your fitness level, how much weight to use and safety guidelines.

Your next stop is the Exercise section where Andrea covers all the exercises included in the workouts with form pointers and instructions. The exercises include most of the foundational moves used in classic kettlebell training including deadlifts, kettlebell carries, presses, squats, russian twists, planks and swings. It's worth your time to go through each exercise and practice them again and again before you get started with the workouts.

The Workouts

The workouts include all the exercises you learned in the instructional section and are put together in a circuit format were you do several rounds of different exercises for about 30 seconds each. The strength workout focuses on slower movements such as deadlifts, planks, kettlebell carries, overhead presses, squats, single leg deadlifts and Russian twists. The 45-minute workout moves quickly, but it's easy to follow and the background exercisers show four different modifications for each exercise - Beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced. For each exercise, you can choose the athlete that matches your fitness level and follow along.

The cardio workout is much more dynamic and includes several rounds of swings to get your heart rate up. Like the strength workout, it's divided into rounds, so you move quickly from one exercise to the next. After the warm up, you start with deadlifts before going into the most strenuous part of the workout, kettlebell swings. In this section, you work in a pyramid format, swinging for 15 seconds, then 20 seconds, then 30 seconds, before going back down the pyramid with equal rests for each segment. You repeat this several times, alternating with other exercises such as carries, squats and russian twists. As in the strength workout, you have four versions of each exercise to choose from, ranging from beginner to advanced.

There's also a Get Up chapter included which provides a thorough breakdown of one of the most complex kettlebell exercises, the Turkish Get Up, which involves getting up from the floor while holding a kettlebell. This is probably the best explanation of a Turkish Get Up I've heard, complete with the ingenious suggestion to balance a shoe on your fist throughout the movement to make sure you're doing it right.

There's also a very short balance section which involves practicing standing on one leg while holding a kettlebell.

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly and Accessible - Andrea's attention to detail make the exercises and workouts easy to follow, no matter how new to kettlebell training (or exercise) you are, but it's the background exercisers who really make this video. They're all older adults at different fitness levels and they often cheer each other on during the hardest parts of the workouts.
  • Great Instruction - Andrea makes every exercise easy to learn with thorough instructions and tons of variations.
  • Modifications - Perhaps the best part of the video are the modifications included. For each exercise, there are 4 different levels to choose from and the exercisers regularly change levels based on their own abilities.
  • Fun and Challenging Workouts - The workout may be marketed to seniors, but anyone would benefit from it. The 30-second rounds make the workout fly by and there's just enough intensity to challenge most exercisers without going too far.


I have very few complaints about The Kettlebell Boomer, although some seniors may be too intimidated to try kettlebell training, especially if they've never exercised. Unlike other, more familiar activities, there is a bigger time commitment to learn the exercises and kettlebells are expensive (compare prices).

Overall, this is a great whole body workout and an excellent introduction to kettlebells for seniors. Every exercise is explained thoroughly and there are so many modifications, anyone can find a variation that will work. With a focus on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility, this workout works on everything seniors need to stay fit.

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