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Glute, Hip and Thigh Exercises


Updated July 03, 2014

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Squat With Side Step
Glute, Hip and Thigh Exercises
Squats are great for the glutes and thighs and you can add intensity to the movement by using a resistance band and adding a side step. Stepping to the side will involve the outer thighs and the glutes even more, making this a more dynamic exercise.
  1. Place a medium resistance band under the feet and hold onto handles with both hands.
  2. You may need to wrap the band around your hands a few times to add more tension.
  3. Take a wide step to the right, squeezing the glute as the tube tightens.
  4. Lower into a squat, knees behind toes and keeping tension on the tube.
  5. Slowly step feet together.
  6. Continue stepping to the right for 8-16 reps or the length of the room before switching sides.

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