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Online Personal Training

Setting up an exercise program is confusing no matter how experienced you are. These links will point you in the right direction for setting up your routine and finding online support.

Podfitness.com offers a variety of workouts, all mixed with your music for $19.95 a month. Is it worth it? Check out my in-depth review of Podfitnee.com to find out.

HyperStrike - Online Personal Fitness
HyperStrike offers customized online workouts for a variety of goals and fitness levels. Find out if they have what it takes to help you get fit, lose weight or train for an event in my review.

Plus One Active Online Personal Training
Is online personal training for you? Check out my review of Plus One Active to find out if you need an online personal trainer, how much it costs and what you get.

PEERtrainer is a website offering your own group of peers to help keep you motivated and on track with exercise. Find out if PEERtrainer is right for you in this review by your About Exercise Guide.

Review - Online Personal Training with Terri Walsh
Online personal training is a great way to get fit in the privacy of your own home. Check out my review of Terri Walsh's Online Personal Training website to find out more about her personal training packages.

12 Weeks to a New You!
This 12 week exercise program will help you reach your weight loss goals. Includes cardio and weight training programs, as well as basic nutritional advice.

Workout Center
This site lists all of my current workouts. You'll find various cardio workouts for intensity, endurance and boredom busting. Get access to weight training workouts that include upper body, lower body, full body and abs, plus relevant articles.

Active Route
This site offers free training programs for everything from general fitness and running to swimming and cycling. These workouts are no-frills--just suggested workouts for each week with no pictures or much detailed instruction. But the intermediate or advanced exerciser can get some new ideas for workouts.

Active Trainer
Active lets you choose from several program options for running, biking, swimming and more. Simply sign up (for free), pick your sport or race and get your training schedule online.

Changing Shape
This unique website offers tons of great articles, tools, news and references about exercise. You can sign up for a personalized program (for $5.95 a month)and receive workouts and nutritional guidance, or you can register for free to get access to fitness resources, community bulletin boards, journals and more.

This website, like other exercise sites, provides hundreds of articles about every aspect of exercise. What makes this website stand out is its focus on accurate information based on scientific study and research. Great for coaches, fitness professionals and the fitness enthusiast.

Global Health & Fitness
Global Health & Fitness offers personal training on the 'Net. It costs $50.00 a year to get a full program with cardio workouts, resistance training guidance and regular check-ins with your trainer.

Gym America
Get a customized workout from Gym America that includes motivational emails from your trainer. Includes cardio, weight training and more. Cost: up to $129.

My Home Personal Trainer
This site offers a free online training program which includes workouts depending on fitness level as well as the ability to track your diet. You can also pay for an upgraded version. It's a good site, but a bit confusing to navigate and watch out for all the pop ups asking you to upgrade.

Workouts For You
This online personal training site offers a variety of programs. Choose a customized program that includes motivational support, weekly workouts and email consultations or sign on for the basic program for access to their workout library to can create your own workouts. Prices range from $12 to $30 per month.

Online Personal Training
Is online personal training for you? Learn the basics of online personal training websites to find out if it will work for you.

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