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Personal Training - Finding a trainer and becoming a trainer

These resources will help you find and choose a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals. If you're interested in becoming a personal trainer, you're in the right place. The links I've gathered will help you figure out how to become a personal trainer
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Reasons to Fire Your Personal Trainer
Is your trainer doing the best he or she can? Sometimes talking about the issue helps but other times it may be time to work with someone new. Learn some red flags for when it's time to move on and work with a new personal trainer.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer
If you're just getting started with exercise or need to spice up your routine, a personal trainer can be a great choice. Learn about more reasons to hire a personal trainer.

Does Your Child Need a Personal Trainer?
Personal training isn't just for celebrities anymore...in fact, it isn't just for adults anymore. More and more parents are hiring personal trainers to work with their kids, but do they really need a trainer. Find out more about personal training for kids

Choosing a Personal Trainer
If you want to lose weight, get healthy and/or build muscle, hiring a personal trainer can be a step in the right direction. A good trainer can help you set up a program that meets your goals and teach you the best way to exercise. Here's what you should know before you hand over the cash.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer
Having your very own personal trainer has several great advantages: Trainers provide motivation, professional expertise, and personalized attention--all key components of reaching your personal health and fitness goals.

10 Reasons You're Afraid to Hire a Personal Trainer
Don't let fear stop you from hiring a personal trainer to help you lose weight, stay motivated and get fit. Learn about the most common fears of hiring a personal trainer and what you can do about them.

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