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Resistance Band Exercises - Step by Step Resistance Band Exercises


Updated April 12, 2013

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One Arm Rotating Chest Fly with Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Exercises - Step by Step Resistance Band Exercises
Paige Waehner

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This rotating one arm chest fly not only works the chest, it also involves the core and lower body. By adding a rotation, you make the move more dynamic and involve more muscle groups, which also makes it more functional.

  1. Secure a light-medium tension band around a sturdy object at chest height. You can also use a door attachment if you have one (compare prices).
  2. Stand with the left side facing the anchor point, arms straight, feet about hip-distance apart and hold the handle in the left hand.
  3. Stand far enough away that there's tension on the band. You may need to adjust how far/close you are to the anchor point to make the exercise work for you.
  4. Rotate the left hand towards the right hand, keeping the arms very straight.
  5. Pivot on the feet as you rotate to avoid tweaking the knees.
  6. Try to touch the left fingers to the right, feeling the exercise in the left side of the chest, shoulder and arm.
  7. Release and repeat for all reps on the left side and then switch sides.
  8. Complete 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps.

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