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BOSU Exercises - Step by Step Cardio, Strength and Core Moves on the BOSU


Updated May 13, 2014

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BOSU Figure 8
BOSU Figure 8
Paige Waehner
The figure 8 is a great way to work the lower body and the core while focusing on balance. The key is to let your feet move on the dome to stabilize you as you go from side to side with the medicine ball. If this is too challenging, start with a basic squat and work your way up.
  1. Stand on the BOSU BT with feet on either side of the bull's eye, weight evenly distributed.
  2. Hold a medium-weight medicine ball and lower into a squat.
  3. As you squat, take the ball to the right side of the legs, focusing on the obliques while keeping the knees pointing forward.
  4. Stand up, taking the ball overhead, keeping the move slow and controlled.
  5. Squat again, this time taking the ball to the left side of the knees.
  6. Take the ball overhead and continue squatting, taking the ball to the right and left in a figure 8 motion.
  7. Add intensity by jumping each time you take the medicine ball overhead.
  8. Repeat for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.
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