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Cold Weather Gifts for Active Women


Updated November 25, 2013

Finding the perfect gift for loved ones gets harder and harder every year, doesn't it?  Well, maybe I can make it a little easier for those of you who have active women in your life.  If she likes to exercise, then she'll love a fitness gift, especially if it's something that makes her workouts more comfortable, more interesting or just less of a drag.  I've put together some fitness gift ideas for your buying pleasure.  Maybe you'll find the perfect thing this year.

1. Fitbit Force Activity Monitor

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You've probably heard of Fitbit activity monitors designed to track steps taken, calories, etc. and the latest in their arsenal is the Fitbit Force.  It's a lot like the Flex wristband (compare prices) except for one important distinction:  It includes an LED screen so you can actually see your progress, something that was missing from the Flex.  With the Force, you can track steps, distance, calories, floors climbed, active minutes, sleep data and, of course, Luke Skywalker.  Fitbit offers less expensive trackers, including the Zip (compare prices) and the One (compare prices).
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2. Fleece Jacket

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One of the most important pieces in any woman's fitness wardrobe is a warm jacket to wear to the gym during cold weather or to workout outside.  Fleece is a nice choice - Soft, warm, flattering and breathable.  I love the Patagonia jacket because it's warm, but not as bulky as other fleece jackets I've tried and it nips in at the waist for a flattering fit. This won't offer much protection from the wind, but it will keep you warm.

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3. Lucy Hatha Pants

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Yoga pants have become so popular, most women wear them all the time - For yoga, weight training, outdoor workouts and even grocery shopping after a workout. These Lucy Hatha Pants are by far my favorite workout pants. I wear them almost every day in the winter - They're flattering, comfortable, soft and they don't attract lint and hair like other workout pants tend to do.

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4. Sable Vest

Title Nine
Yum.  That's what it feels like to run your fingers through this thick, soft vest and, when you actually wear it?  It will be more like aaaahhhh.  With vests back in fashion these days, Title Nine's Sable Vest is the perfect gift idea for the fashionable exerciser.  And, it's actually practical - it's fully lined to keep her warm and toasty when she's exercising outdoors, but it also looks good enough to wear out and about as well.


5. Athleta Painted Cuteness Capri

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The skort (aka, a skirt with shorts underneath) has been very popular with fitness buffs and Athleta has come out with a capri version that is both flattering and comfortable. You get warmth and coverage from the skirt and the tights perform quite well at keeping your legs warm while wicking away sweat. As one of my clients put it: "These are perfect if you have a big butt."  What more could a woman need in life?

6. Armband Heart Rate Monitor

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Heart rate monitors have come a long way, with watches that can do everything from measure your pulse to mapping out your exact location, how long you've been working out and how far you've gone. What we haven't seen is much of a change in their overall make up...until now. Usually you have to wear a chest strap with a watch, but this armband allows you to monitor your heart rate without needing a chest strap at all. Like regular HRMs, you can track workout time, calories burned, time spent in your target heart rate zone and more. This makes a great stocking stuffer for the active woman.

7. Burt's Bees Hand Salve

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Dry skin is often a problem in winter, especially for women who exercise outdoors. The dry, cold air can really zap moisture from her skin, leaving her chapped and itchy. Burt's Bees Hand Salve is one of the better choices for protecting the skin from the elements and one of my all-time favorites. She'll really appreciate how it soothes and heals both before and after a cold winter walk.
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8. Hand Warmers

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Even during warm weather, my hands are cold and I've noticed plenty of other women have the same problem. If you know a cold-handed woman who would probably get outside more if she could stay warm, these hand warmers are the perfect gift idea. Is this the sexiest gift in the world? No. But I promise it will be the most appreciated.

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9. Fleece Headband

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If she's an outdoorsy kind of woman but isn't crazy about having hat-hair, she might appreciate this fleece headband.This one is snug, warm and stylish and makes a great little stocking stuffer. 

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10. Yoga Toe Socks

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Yoga toe socks are a great idea if you're looking for a cute stocking stuffer and your lady is into yoga.  It may seem a little odd, but these socks are actually perfect for yoga classes to keep the feet warm and protected.  There's a five-toe construction, giving the toes freedom of movement, and there are grippers on the bottom to keep her from sliding during different poses.  She could also take these out of town for hotel yoga, if she's so inclined.  

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