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These resources will help you find the best exercise music, interesting fitness software to track your workouts and the best places to find workout videos.
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Cardio Coach Guide Workout, Volume 8
This is the latest Cardio Coach Guided Workout review. Cardio Coach takes you through the most challenging interval workout yet. The longer intervals challenge your physical and mental endurance, giving you a workout that will push you to your limits.

iBlink Stereo Gel Earbuds
iBlink headphones offer

Best Exercise and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch
If your iPod Touch or iPhone is an essential part of your workout, you've probably scrolled through the endless array of fitness apps available, wondering which ones are worth the time and money. The right fitness app can give you the boost you need to get through your workouts, but the wrong one can leave you frustrated. I've done a little...

iMuffs Wireless Headphones for iPod
If you're looking for wireless headphones for your iPod, check out my review of iMuffs Wireless Headphones

Top 10 Music Players & Accessories for Gym-Goers
Check out my favorite Top 10 Music Players & Accessories for Gym-Goers from your About Exercise Guide

Top 7 Workout CD's
We all need something to keep us going during exercise, especially in the gym. Check out the best CD's to help motivate you through those long gym workouts.

Cardio Coach Volume 1
Sean O'Malley’s audio CD guides you through cardio workouts using any type of stationary equipment. It's not just a music CD but a guided workout that mimics a group fitness atmosphere, but at your own pace.

Cardio Coach Volume 2
The Cardio Coach is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to revive their cardio workouts. The music is fun and the guided workout offer motivation to push past your limits.

Cardio Coach Volume 3
Learn how to motivate yourself to lose weight with Sean O'Malley's Cardio Coach, Volume 3 CD which guides you through a tough interval workout on your favorite cardio machine.

Cardio Coach Volume 4
If you want to pump up your cardio workouts, check out my review of Sean O'Malley's Cardio Coach Volume 4--the CD that will help you break through plateaues, increase your endurance and have a little fun while doing it.

Cardio Coach Volume 5
If you want to spice up your gym workouts, check out my review of Cardio Coach Volume 5 for a killer interval workout

Cardio Coach Guided Workout Volume 6
The latest Cardio Coach Guided Workout takes you through a killer interval workout on the machine of your choice. The combination of hills and sprints, as well as plenty of rest periods, makes for a challenging and satisfying workout from the master of guided workouts.

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