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Weightloss is usually one of the reasons most of us exercise. Get the nitty gritty on what you need to do to lose weight including information about exercising, dieting and more.
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Breaking the Rules of Exercise
Not all the guidelines for exercise and weight loss work for everyone, yet we often feel compelled to try to follow them anyway. Creating new rules for yourself may be the best way to get on track with exercise on your terms.

Are You an Exercise Perfectionist?
Do you strive for exercise perfection only to come up short? Do you spend more time kicking yourself for failures rather than celebrating your success? You might be an exercise perfectionist. Find out more from your About Exercise Guide

Are You Ready to Make a Lifestyle Change?
Are you ready to make the lifestyle changes you need to lose weight ang get healthy? Learn what it takes to change your life for better health and fitness.

What's Your Body Image?
Having high self-esteem means you feel good inside your own skin, flaws and all. Learn how to improve your body image.

5 Ways to Fall Into Health & Fitness
5 Ways to Fall Into Health & Fitness

Avoid Weight Gain After the Wedding
Gaining weight after the wedding is a common problem for many couples. Find out how you can avoid weight gain after the wedding.

Did You Gain Weight After the Wedding?
Couples who get married share many things, but one thing you may not want to share is the weight gain that often follows the wedding. Did you gain weight after you got married and, if so, what caused it? What would you do differently? Tell us your story about gaining weight after the wedding.

The Facts About Burning Fat
The facts about burning fat: Learn how your body uses fat for energy so you can design an efficient, fat-burning workout routine for weight loss.

Burning Fat
If your goal is burning more fat, there are a variety of activities that will help you reach your goals. Find out how you can burn fat with exercise, weight training, running, walking, yoga and Pilates.

8 New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep
We often approach a new year as a chance to change. This is our chance to finally lose weight or quit smoking, learn to cook or spend more time reading food labels at the grocery store. Resolutions are great in the beginning and there's nothing like the excitement of finally making a change. But what happens a few weeks or months later? ...

What's Your Fitness IQ?
How much do you know about weight loss? Take this quiz before you start one more diet or buy one more infomercial gadget.

The Truth About the Fat Burning Zone
People often recommend that you work in your fat burning zone to lose the most weight, but is that true? Learn the truth about your fat burning zone.

Feeling Fat? How to Feel Better Right Now
If you ever 'feel fat' you know how uncomfortable that can be. It can drive some of our worst behaviors and even send us in a downward spiral of self-loathing. Learn what you can do to help yourself when you feel fat.

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