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Reader Stories: How I Lost Weight


Updated March 29, 2010

Losing weight is something many of us struggle with, but there are plenty of people who manage to lose the weight and keep it off. Share your weight loss success story and tell us the valuable lessons you've learned.

How Rebekah Lost Weight

I started a low calorie diet and just walked on my lunch break for the first few months. I was able to average about a pound or 2 per week. I then hit a stand still. I decided to start a six meal per…More

How One Reader Lost Weight

I had regular breakfast, lunch and early dinner. Stopped all ice creams, chocolate and maintained 1200 calories for almost six months, and 20 to 30 mins of exercise. Stopped all the fried items. Actu…More

How Tonya Lost 112 Pounds

I didn't want a doctor to tell my that I was not healthy on February 15 2010. I got up that morning and started walking and I walk 7 days a week and on my days off I walk 2 times a day. I don't eat a…More

How Debra Lost 20 Pounds

I started on Weight Watchers around August. At first I fought it - then I slowly became so aware of my poor eating habits and choices. So now I eat ALOT of vegetables - all ones that I love. I eat fr…More

How One Reader Lost 40 Pounds

Power lifting and some cardio. I power lift three times a week. I try to incorporate some fun activity on my rest days: walking with the dog, swimming, biking. I have been doing my routing for over s…More

How Lawrence Lost 28 Pounds

I cut out the beer, bread, chocolates and takeaways. Now and again I have a treat and if I do overeat, I do a little extra exercise the next day. I reduced alcohol intake by at least 75% which has ma…More

How One Reader Lost 17 Pounds

1) Challenge your body. Alternate workouts: running, intervals, spinning, bootcamp classes, crossfit, yoga, pilates, free weights, stability ball, bosu, swimming laps, etc. I worked out on average 4-…More

How Melissa Lost 34 lbs

A friend started talking about this supplement on fb and sent me a free sample. I lost 4lbs in 2days. I was so excited! I started getting off the couch..weeding, hanging laundry on the line, Playing …More

How Laura Lost 224 Pounds

I went to the doctor in June of 2009. I weighed in at 376 pounds. I honestly thought I weighed more. The doctor I went to had a plan she followed and asked me if I wanted to try it. I decided to give…More

How Angie Lost 20 Pounds

I started eating more salads and walking in my town and after 1 week I lost 20 pounds from walking for 1 hour each day and when I walked I listened to music and swimming if I could go to the lake and…More

How One Reader Lost 50 Pounds

I went on a healthy, balanced, 2000 calorie diet, it was nothing specific but I paid attention to how my body felt. If a certain food left me feeling bad I reduced it or eliminated it completely. I d…More

How Reh Lost 40 Pounds

I "ran" two miles everyday for a year. Actually, I ran a few steps, panted and walked the two miles for the first month and then I was able to run a short distance. Finally, I was able to run a mile …More

How Art Lost 60 Pounds

I started out by walking and watching what I eat. consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Reading the labels of the foods I eat, consuming foods that are low in sodium, low in fat and…More

How Connie Lost 32 Pounds

In the past I had tried other plans and failed. I had a lot of friends and family members who found success with Travis Martin's Thrive Weightloss (http://thriveweightloss.com/) so I decided to give …More

How About.com Member rsd381 Lost 35 Pounds

My diet plan was simple. I cut out of my diet cream in my coffee and cereal, reduced the amount of sugar used, began to eat more fresh fruit and nuts to replace ice cream and cake. In addition I redu…More

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