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Readers Respond: Best and Worst Fitness Gift Ideas

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Updated November 24, 2008

From the article: Best Fitness Gifts
If you're a fitness or exercise enthusiast and you're like me, you love getting fitness gifts...well, as long as they're gifts you can actually use, right? I've gotten some great ones (yay for my iPod!) and not-so-great ones (boo for a fruit basket with rotten apples) in the past and now I'm looking for your ideas. What are the best and worst fitness gifts?

Better and Less Costly than TRX

The Jungle Gym XT by Lifeline USA. Less than 1/2 the cost of the TRX and better because you can separate the straps to get more movements…works great on doors in hotel rooms too.

Striiv Pedometer

There is a new pedometer on the market that is incredibly addictive. With every step you take you earn donations to provide clean water to children in south america, provide polio vaccines in africa or save the rainforest. There is also a nifty little game that is powered by your steps and motivational challenges as you progress in your miles, whether you walk, run or go up stairs, it counts them all. Check it out at www.striiv.com.

Watch out

I gave myself a set of weights and started working out. Lost a lot of weight, got in shape and my wife freaked out. She went into a tail spin and demanded I quit. Needless to say, I didn't and she is now an ex. She didn't appreciate me giving myself the gift of good health. My new wife, gave her husband a set of weights and he divorced her.... go figure.... I think Angela was right, unless the person likes to exercise, don't give fitness equipment.
—Guest RE

Both the best and the worst

My iPod. I love the darn thing. However the person who gave it to me filled it with her favorite workout music. I almost went comatose listening to it. I have NO clue who most of them were. I erased it [and felt bad because I know she must have paid for the music also] and put on MY workout music: Shinedown, Metallica, Rob Zombie, Ramstein, Skillet, Five finger death punch, Pantera, Nitzer Ebb with a nod to pop in the form of Pink, Gaga and the like. A far cry from her choices. Gift? Give the iPod and if you want to supply music too, give them a gift certificate to iTunes.
—Guest Phil

Gag gift turns into best gift!

Got my husband a TorsoTee as a fun gift because he complains when he's missed too much gym and losing his "buff shape". Turns out he loves it and wears it a lot. (I think it boosts he's ego). I'm going to get him an oversize one for his winter nightshirt this fall, now that one is really for MY benifit!
—Guest Janna


I recently purchased a Pilates Ring and think it would make a great gift. One can squeeze it between the thighs when doing pelvic tilts and crunches, press the ring with the hands for chest and arm work, and place it outside/inside both ankles while doing certain traditional pilates moves. Even the neck muscles can be worked by pressing the Pilates Ring inward on the chin or forehead. I saw more defined glutes and adductors in just two sessions, and the ring can be used by most everyone because it's all about controlled pressure with and against the resistance of the Ring. And at about $10- $25, it is a fairly inexpensive fitness equipment investment. Enjoy!
—Guest CC

A gift for him, and one for me?

I was thinking about getting hubby the Gruve. It tells you about the calories your are/ar not burning. It can be seen at this site: http://www.anytimehealth.com/ I am asking for the P90X program this year. I have been working hard and eating well for about two years (just found out all my blood work is again in range! WOO HOO!) I still have about 12 pounds to go, and I would like to work on my tone, so I thought after Christmas I would double up my efforts and try to work throught this last hurdle. My massage therapist tells me she can always tell which of her clients are using the program by their toned bods!

Apparel from ellasport

Ellasport is a technical athletic apparel for women. Their designs are so cute and the fit is perfect!! I love their stuff :). You can find them at ellasport.com.
—Guest Spin Instructor Pam

Fitness Gifts for Mom

Well, I am definitely into fitness....have been for many years....and it is finally rubbing off on my family. This year my mom actually said that the ONLY thing she wanted for Christmas was a new weight set, a step, and nutritional supplements!! wooohooo!! This makes me happy because she trusts that I know EXACTLY what to get her to help her reach her goals. She is finally ready. Its no longer me pushing...its her deciding to do if for herself!! So, as far as weights go, I am getting her a barbell weight set and the Body Pump video for total body conditioning. For supplements, I will be getting her a weight loss product. This product will be great for her because it is stimulant free, uses natural protein sources, has 60% of her daily calcium needs, has added fiber and helps you lose weight while helping to retain and build lean muscle mass. I take this product, love flavor, love the results and all the added benefits like calcium and fiber. Merry C-mas Mom
—Guest fitgirl

Best gifts ever!

Four years ago, my old treadmill gave up the ghost, and my husband said he'd get me a new one for my birthday. Well, not only the treadmill, but an elliptical trainer and a stationary bicycle, too--birthday, anniversary, and Christmas all rolled into one big package! I've never had another gift that is even close to that one. I still LOVE my equipment, and it really gets a workout in the winter.

Best Gift

The best fitness gift I got was pretty random. My Mom went to a garage sale & spotted a hot pink pair of Everlast boxing gloves (unused) for $5. Knowing how much I enjoy boxing with my personal trainer, she brought home this treasure :-).
—Guest Christina

fitness gifts

i have always loved getting fitness tops, socks, gym bags and even spa gift cards such as a pedicure for those tired feet of working out for several hours a day at the gym!
—Guest mommyfit

Best Fitness Gift

If you workout on fitness equipment in a fitness center/health club a perfect gift for yourself or friend is the ShapeSkin Gym Towel. It serves two purposes; keeps your body sweat away from the machine upholstery and protects your skin from bacteria that resides on machine upholstery. Comes with handy carrying bag to store your water bottle, etc. You can find it at ShapeSkin.com.
—Guest Bryan Nichols

Unless you know...

Unless you know that the other person likes to exercise or participate in sports, it's probably a bad idea to buy fitness equipment. It can be interpreted as a sign that maybe they NEED to start working out, etc... and that might not necessarily make for the happiest holiday! However, if you know that they love to ski, then skiing equipment will probably be greatly appreciated!
—Guest Angela

Fitness gifts

My favorite gift received is the Polar heart rate monitor my younger son gave me for Christmas 2005. It's something I wouldn't have bought for myself because of cost. I use it for every workout. I also gifted myself with the Perfect Push-up, which make push-ups more of a challenge than just doing them on the floor. I also reward myself from time to time with a moisture wicking exercise top.

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