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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Fitness App?

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Updated May 06, 2009

myRun app

Another one to add to the list is myRun (http://www.myrun.me). I've just started using this one and really enjoying it.
—Guest sarah

Lose It and Fit Phone

Lose It is an amazing app for tracking what you eat. I also use Fit Phone to track all of my workouts. It tracks my weight training and tracks my runs using the GPS. Great all around fitness app
—Guest Blaine

my 3 favorites

I really love: 1:fitness plan. It didn't cost much, and it is an excellent organizer for my fitness schedual. You can put in the type of exercise, time and more, but I like to keep in simply for organizing my daily exercises (running/ weights/classes) and you can color code it! :) its great. 2: nike + gps. I love it! Tells you were you are, how fast you are going, motivating messages if you choose, "power songs" plus you own music of course. It records your runs so you can challenge previous runs, and you can record your terrain, how you felt and the weather. I don't use heart rates so much for running, I like things simple, so this is perfect for me. 3: Ifitness is great, offers lots of exercises, organized by exercise type, muscle or equipment. Also has the workouts you can build. I am sure its similar to others out there, but it is very straight forward and easy to use. Has descriptions and videos as well.
—Guest Steph

Lose It! and Fitness Tracker 90 (FT 90)

Hands down the best overall app for me is Lose It http://www.loseit.com/ From the other recommendations here, I see I am not alone. No tool has been more helpful in losing 30 pounds over the last 3 months. It is very easy to use and well organized. It helps put you on an individualized plan. I find the discipline very helpful to keep track of my diet and exercise with their huge database complete with nutritional information. It is also easy to add your own foods and exercise to their list. I started P90X a couple months ago. Hands down, the best app to keep track of your P90X progress is Fitness Tracker 90 (FT90) http://www.fitness-tracker.com/ If you are looking for an app to track your weight and BMI, TargetWeight is also excellent. It is easy to use and well laid out. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/target-weight-for-adults-personal/id338889966?mt=8 For runners, I also like Nike+ GPS and RunKeeper.
—Guest Wayne

Xrun: great graphs and easy to use

My favorite Fitness app is 'Xrun' Apple approved last week: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/xrun/id411704043?mt=8 because, unlike most apps in its class, Xrun is ridiculously easy to use. Most of the time the user has to just press a single button. It doesn't give just numbers or graphs (about your weight, body shape, etc), it also shows how good these numbers are in the user's particular case. So, the user can decide how much effort to put towards exercise and weight loss. It includes 'People's Choice weight recommendation', which takes into consideration gender and peer's perception (in addition to user's height and weight). It includes very informative recommendations and has great integration between graphs and health markers. It is like having your doctor and personal trainer next to you at all times.
—Guest Sambaman

loseit lover

Loseit...best app, keeps you thinking about what you put in your face and makes you accountable for your exercise. Very user friendly and easy to build a "library" of foods for future use, awesome idea, wish I had thought of it!
—Guest joan

Tabata interval cardio app just out

There's a great new cardio app just out, for the iPhone: http://radiantcanopy.com/guerrillacardio/ Speed and distance tracking, best pace, maps, voice feedback and all. Check it out.
—Guest Aleksandar

iBelly Workout

It's really fun - you acutually lay your iPhone on your stomach. They have some games you play and some workout programs and exercies. A clever idea.
—Guest bnet

iPod Workouts & Lose it!

I like the Lose it app as a nutrition log. I use workouts on my ipod from fitnessmakeover.com. My faves are cardio intervals and the gym workouts!
—Guest Veronica


GetFitMap.com has the best workout app hands down.
—Guest craig donen


Intelitrainer makes a new, balanced workout for me every time I use it. Plus it remembers how I did last time in each area, and based upon that, it adjusts my next workout so that it keeps is interesting, and challenging, but not overly difficult.
—Guest cdcmacdaddy

Strands for iPhone

If you are looking for the perfect training app for runners and cyclists, try Strands. Strands lets you record workouts and routes using your iPhone. You can share your workouts and people can track you in real-time while you work out. Strands collects a ton of data for each run or workout and logs it in a training log which is accessible through both the iPhone and Strands.com. You can add gear to workouts and Strands will track of mileage on shoes. Also included are audio clues for time, distance and pace. Strands is 100% free and available at iTunes and the Appstore, try it out!
—Guest Eddie

Digifit iSpinner and iRunner

The GPS apps and Nike+ are ok but are missing a key fitness metric: heart rate. (Nike+ Polar heart rate doesn't work with my iPod.) Since I've been working out with iSpinner and iRunner by Digifit, my training on my iPod touch has achieved a new level of efficiency. Digifit has helped and inspired me to understand more about proper heart rate training and for the first time, I understand the purpose for working out in each of the zones. And to think I spent the last decade working out so much harder than I needed to. Tracking heart rate with cadence and pace is like eating chips with salsa. Why bother if you don’t have both? Check out www.digifit.com. Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and I can use indoors and outdoors.
—Guest Spinnergirl


This app is the best value on the market in my opinion. It has videos to highlight the correct way to do the exercise/pose and is just really simple and effective. Thumbs up!
—Guest workout king


There are so many fitness apps out there. For sure the TOP 5 fitness Apps are not necessarily the best. They just got there first. As for the rest of the fitness Apps, if you sift through most of them (let's be honest) you might say... "Terrible"? Most iPhone fitness Apps are made by development teams that don't know much about training and are just looking to make a quick buck. If Rapid Weight loss, six pack abs, and firm toned Glutes sound like the right combination. Does using the best iPhone Fitness App to do it sound good to you? Then look no further than WWW.GETFITMAP.COM. It's a new internet workout design company that sells workouts on your iPhone. I've been a trainer for 12 years in Santa Barbara, and believe me when I say, it's by no accident that their iPhone workout app after years of development, is rising quickly in the sea of junk fitness Apps.
—Guest Craig

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