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Readers Respond: What's Your Best Exercise Advice?

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Updated August 26, 2010

From the article: How to Exercise
Unsolicited exercise advice isn't always welcome, but the right words at the right time can make a different to someone struggling to keep going. What's your best exercise advice? Think back to when you started exercising and what might have helped you keep going. What do you know now that you wish you knew them? Share your best exercise advice.

Volunteer to walk shelter dogs

This was how I lost 8 lbs and gained a ton of new friends - human and fur-friends! This is also the one workout I would never, ever miss. They needed me too much - often I was the only volunteer available to walk twenty-some dogs and I couldn't let down a woman's best friend!
—Guest Viveca from FatigueBeGone.com

Exercise vs Movement

Our body needs more than one type of exercise and the biggest challenge today is getting people to exercise at all. The NIH did a study to determine why less than 5% of Americans exercise on a regular basis. The answers won't surprise anyone: lack of time and lack of motivation. We at TrekDesk believe we can answer these two concerns by encouraging people to move throughout the day with a treadmill desk. That takes care of the most important exercise our bodies require: movement. It will also give individuals the energy they need for the second type of exercise - cardiovascular. Take the stairs, vary your pace, anything you can do to increase your cardiovascular levels during the day.

Cardio on an empty Stomach

Always eat before you workout. There is an excellent article titled "Performing Cardio on an Empty Stomach" found on workout911.com by Brad Schoenfeld about why you should eat before exercising. It's an excellent article.

This is not a horse race

Don't match your routine, weight-for-weight and set-for-set to others in the belief that you will achieve quick results. Know your physical limits, work smart, and have fun. If, hours/days following a work out, you experience the owies and achies, you need to re-evaluate your goals, and the methodology by which you wish to achieve those goals. THE WEIGHT ROOM IS NO PLACE FOR A HORSE RACE!
—Guest Sarge


Like others, I get bored with the same routine day in and day out so I try to mix things up. Lately I have been doing a lot of bodyweight exercises like the ones found at Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment that takes up an entire room in your house.
—Guest katie

Just get out the door!

For me, forget the gyms or classes, my best two tools are my dog and my running shoes. If I can take 3 minutes to put on those shoes and put the leash on my dog, then I'm out the door and exercising for at least 30 minutes!

Best exercise advice

I recently (within the last year) discovered Joel Harper at www.realage.com/videos. His workouts are da BOMB!! They don't need any equipment, they are all about 20 minutes long, and they workout & stretch every muscle in your body. I'm 69 and they are good for ANY age; he has his mother who is 73 on his videos doing the beginner's workout. I own several of his tapes including his "Fit Pack" so I can change them up depending on how I feel. They're GRREEAATTT!! I used to do weights MWF and I'd run (walk-run) TThS; now I do joel MWF and still walk-run TThS only not quite so fast. I do Leslie Sansone (walk at home) on the days I can't get outside. I feel GOOD!!
—Guest Anne

Don't be afraid of using a HRM

Several years ago I went to the gym without any specific workout in mind other than some general cardio. The gal at the front desk told me there was a new spin class and that I should try it. I thought, why not, I've heard spinning is a great workout. This changed the way I have worked out ever since. It was a class designed for cyclists and triathletes, and a heart rate monitor was required. I was a bit intimidated at first, but after buying an inexpensive model and learning how to use it my fitness level improved by leaps and bounds. It also helps me avoid overtraining by ensuring my active recovery days are just that. I also have to agree that my ipod is also one of the best investments ever -- hate to work out without it!
—Guest Kelcey

Good workout or half done

A good workout is better than a half done workout and a half done workout is better than none
—Guest Betsy


Find a studio that offers adult classes. Tap, jazz, hip-hop. The music is uplifting and the people are fun. There are CD programs you can get to dance at home but committing to a class at a studio requires less motivation. I go to a studio that offers CardioTap and get a good fun workout for 45 minutes twice a week. heck it out.
—Guest ssneer

Consistency and Flexibility

Be consistent. Move your body regularly, even when you're not having a powerhouse day. But, take advantage of your "strong" days and don't be afraid to push a little harder. I didn't realize how much ground even a mega-fit person could lose by taking too long a break from exercise. Now I know I'm better off doing what I can, even if it's a lighter workout than planned.
—Guest Ingrid


For over 50's a 15 minute daily workout is much better than a 1 to 2 hr blast once a week. MEN, do it while dinner is being prepared, LADIES, do it while he is doing the washing/tidying up OR VICE/VERSA
—Guest bob moore

How to remain motivated during exercise

I have found that wearing a heart rate monitor and using the timer function helps me to remain motivated while exercising, e.g., aiming for at least 400 calories burnt, or once I reach 50 minutes, then I can cool down. For me, this is an objective method of knowing how many calories I have burnt each time I exercise - and gives me a great feeling of accomplishment!
—Guest LS

best advice

Too much of a good thing is still too much. Often used when talking about food, this applies to workouts too. An excessive training schedule can end up costing you in the long run. Allow for adequate rest and recovery!
—Guest fatfitnessguy

My Best Advice

The best thing I ever did for my workout was buy an mp3 player and load it up with music that motivated me. I absolutely hated the music they were playing in my gym and didn't realize that I was cutting my workouts short to get away from the noise. Once I started listening to music that I liked and blocked that which I found distasteful I found myself spending more time in the gym.
—Guest Tom

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